Major Disadvantages of Using Popular Job Boards for Your Professional Search

The digital media has provided a wide range of opportunities to streamline and boost communications particularly in the job search sector. Professional job search is a major project to undertake specifically if you are not clear about the distinction between established job sites with real opportunities and the ones that are just fronts for unqualified or unacceptable offers.

What attracts visitors to Job sites

Major Job boards today have brought forth the modern concept of connecting potential employees with a variety of job opportunities. One of the key issues with this situation is that many job boards are designed to attract both job seekers and potential employers without truly understanding “The Connection” needed between the two.  Most hopeful job seekers fall prey to the elaborate marketing and appeal of the job boards mentioned below:

  • Job boards claiming to use modern predictive algorithms to match you to your perfect professional opportunity match.
  • The ease of seeking a new job from directly an interface that reduces having to make direct calls and applying resumes to different professional offices, the job sites promise to lower the usual stress of handling multiple professional discussions and applications right from a single platform.
  • The overwhelming competition in almost every professional sector makes it hard for potential job seekers to rely on simply their own struggles to get them through to major professional opportunities.


Potential pitfalls of using Job boards for your professional search

Lack of personal impressions

Professional networking is hugely co-dependent on personal impressions that you make on the job front. In absence of face-to-face networking, job sites often fail to display your true potential or persona to potential employers and often you lose out on great opportunities due to minor technicalities which would not have been a problem in conventional job interviews.

High level of competition

Job sites do not screen candidates applying for various professional positions. This results in every job offer on the site being inundated with high level of completion. While many of these competitors are not even from your field but employers find it tedious to screen through thousands of applicants and often end up choosing from the first few application in the pile. This reduces your chances of getting a truly deserving position because your applications get lost in the crowd of undeserving noise.

Absence of direct connections

Often Job boards pose a complete project in itself with the posting of regular job descriptions, screening candidates and conducting initial interviews. Therefore, many big firms outsource the project to recruiters and professional headhunters. This reduces your chances of building direct connections within a company and brings down your potential success rates for getting through to an actual experienced people in the field to impress for the position.