About Us

Our History

Spectra Personnel Services was founded in 2007 in Tampa, FL. We were originally formed as a consulting firm providing diversification and auditory compliance services. . Through our consulting, our company made a decision to change our direction in order to become more useful and valuable in the market that we currently serviced.

In 2009 and at the request our clients, we developed Spectra Personnel Services, LLC. Spectra Personnel Services was developed to provide a recruitment solution for companies seeking to enhance human capital and/or provide the needed labor support during volatile business cycles.


What makes Spectra Personnel Services different from other staffing firms is that our company culture is centered around consistent improvement and investment in developing an outstanding recruitment company. Unlike our competitors, Spectra Personnel focuses its recruitment and its operational efforts in perfecting its workforce solutions. By identifying and aligning our services to the needs of our clients, we have been more successful at developing recruitment strategies that can effectively and efficiently generate higher ROI on staffing programs.

Our Brand

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