10 Critical Traits Managers and Team Leaders Should Possess

One of the worst things that can happen to your small business is to have disgruntled employees who dread going to work. That situation often leads to reduce productivity and engagement, as well as high turnover rates. That translates to less revenue and higher costs due to hiring expenses. How you treat your employees has a direct impact on their attitude, but you’ll often be busy on big picture tasks. Your managers and team leaders must pick up the slack. Here are a few traits that you’ll want to encourage in them:

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How to Identify (And Resolve) Communication Problems at Work

Every job depends on communication, whether with customers, suppliers or co-workers. Poor communication leads to a stressful working environment and decreased productivity. Companies invest time and resources into improving communication, yet sometimes little seems to change. That is because the first step is to identify the type of communication problem, and then to devise an action plan, or else you risk wasting resources trying to solve the wrong problem. You need to identify whether the issues are systemic, organizational, interpersonal or personal.

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Ten Reasons Companies Should Invest in Workplace Wellness

In the past, workplace wellness programs were referred to as corporate fitness programs and were touted as a perk in larger corporations. Today, companies of all sizes, across all industry lines, are realizing that there are many benefits of implementing wellness programs. In fact, they have become a staple benefit offered to employees at all levels. There’s no doubt that helping employees adopt healthy behaviors improves their health, which in turn ensures they’ll be productive and engaged. It also benefits their personal lives by helping them gain a better work-life balance and a more positive attitude in general.

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